Blogging in Norway is different compared to the rest of the world. While most people outside the nordics think of nerds, mostly male, that write about their passion when they hear the word blogger — Norway thinks of young girls, that writes about themselves and their everyday life.

What I find interesting about the differences between Norway and the rest of the world is that it’s only the content that varies. Successful bloggers follow the same pattern, no matter what they write about. Let me rephrase. Personal brands with success follows a pattern, and most of them start out as bloggers.

Successful Norwegian bloggers these days are much more than “just bloggers”. They have a big audience on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter — even SnapChat. They have huge mailing lists, and create a lot of different content for all their channels. Doing a better job the most ad/media/pr agencies.

They make money on advertising, endorsing products and attending events. And now, also by selling their own products and services.

It all follows the pattern that I first read about in one of Chris Brogans newsletters. Content, community and then marketplace.

They’ve spent years creating content, and when their audience grew they started to build a community around them. As the community has grown stronger and bigger — they suddenly had the possibility to start monetizing of it.

At first they piggybacked on others (ads, endorsements etc), and as they grew bigger they were able to create their own marketplaces. Many of them now have their own web shops and even create their own products and brands.

They’ve grown from bloggers sharing their thoughts to businessmen and women who makes a good year’s salary on their personal brand. But they started with great content, and hard work.

Thomas Moen

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