My favourite book was published in 1982, one year before I was born. I love it so much that I have printed out the key point from the book, and keep it always in eyes sight on my desk.

A while back I also had the pleasure of having a face to face conversation with the author, it left me even more inspired.

The book is called “The 6 Principles of Incluence” by professor Robert Cialdini. It describe the 6 basic principles to create an impression and impact on people. 35 years later, it still relevant.

I use this every time I create a campaign, produce content or create products. And I try to hit at least 3 of the principles at any given time.

Let’s go trough them.

Consistency – Be consistent in everything you do. Same message, same voice and same personality.

Reciprocation – Give more then you take, and over deliver on value. Make them feel they owe you something, without saying it.

Social proof – Show people it’s ok to do what you want them to do. Show them others have done it before.

Authority – Doctors, authors, diplomas, education. All things that make people trust and listen to you more then usual.

Liking – Be a nice person. Be likeable. If they like you, they trust you faster.

Scarcity – The most powerful of them all. Limit the access to something, and people will act faster and more often in your favour.

There you have them. The most powerful words in marketing. I challenge you to be extra aware this week. When people market to you, what principles are they hitting – and is it working?

Thomas Moen

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