Tonight is the last night of the year. A new year is upon us and for me that means dreaming, reflecting and planning what comes next. I was never a fan of new years resolutions, but the last two years I’ve done something called “3 words”. Where I choose 3 words that will guide me to my goals the following year.

In 2014 my 3 words where: Mindfulness, write and travel.

So how did I do? Well, I started meditating every morning – it’s been an amazing change in terms of how much I’m able to focus every day. I also wrote a new book, and blogged a lot over at the Fanbooster blog – but forgot my own. And I traveled more than I usually do, which is something I’m really happy about.

All in all it’s been a good year. I actually ticked off two things from my bucket list this year, that’s a first! But, my health and weight is not as good as last year – and I’m more tired than I used to be. I also feel a bit behind on a lot of my projects.

Ups and downs, it always is.

That brings me to my 3 words in 2015. Which will help me refocus and regain my strength and speed.

I need to get back into shape to be able to reach my goals. I need as much energy and strength as possible, and focusing on my health is the best way to have that. Also, it makes me happier and more loving for the people around me.

Gary Vaynerchuck made this word famous. “You got to hustle” he says. And yeah, that’s what I need to do as well. I need to accomplish more, I need to work harder. I need more speed and progress.

With speed and progress comes big challenges. I need to focus on being even more present wherever I am. I need to disconnect when I’m with my family and take time-outs to regain my energy. Finding the balance is key to accomplishing that.

It’s a beautiful cocktail of words and I believe that it’s the right mix for next year. It will put me right where I want.

I can’t wait! 🙂

What are your focus for 2015?

Thomas Moen

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