I spend most of my time talking to businesses, influencers and entrepreneurs about how they can grow. It’s the best part of my job, I learn so much from it – and I hope those who I talk to learn something as well.

I noticed that I give out a lot of the same advice to businesses these days. Advice that would have real impact no matter what market or business size.

So I thought that this week I will share the 11 things I usually advice businesses to do. Related to creating success on Facebook.

  1. Upload your customer data to facebook. Emails. Phone numbers.
    The best way to get success with Facebook Ads is to have the opportunity to include and exclude people who are already a customer.
  2. Install the Facebook pixel on your website. Now.
    To be able to help Facebook target the right people, you need to give feedback via the Facebook pixel every time somebody visits or does certain things on your website.
  3. Create a remarketing campaign that is always on.
    Having a measurable and reliable way to communicate with people who just interacted with you is very effective and powerful.
  4. Have different type of ads to based on behaviour on site and your data.
    You should communicate differently with somebody who is not your customer and who is, another example is giving a different ad to people who visited your frontpage, and people who also visited your pricing page.
  5. Make sure you have some value content. always on.
    The best way to market is by building a relationship with your audience. Having content that just gives value and does not demand anything in return is a great way of doing that.
  6. Always start with 1€ a day.
    If you start with low budgets on your adsets Facebook tend to get better at targeting the right people in the beginning.
  7. Create conversion campaigns for sales, lead magnets or contact forms.
    Let Facebook know every time a certain action that is important to you are happening, so it can optimize for that.
  8. A/B test everything. Always test 3 variations.
    You are never done. You never get it 100% right. It’s always an ongoing process. So make sure to always test different messages, text, video, images etc to improve your results.
  9. Use video. Both pre made and live. Native.
    Video is by far the best way to distribute content on Facebook at the moment. Start shooting with your phone and experiment. In a few years you will thank me.
  10. Start to test messenger ads.
    Another very interesting opportunity is being able to communicate directly with your audience via messenger.
  11. Use the Jab Jab method.

There you have it. Not rocket science, but put this into place and it will have an impact on your business.


Thomas Moen

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