More sleep, and fewer hours at the office

I used to be that guy who sat up all night coding, reading and socializing on the web. I was that kind of guy who could wake up with my nose stuck flat on my keyboard with a slice of pizza and a can of Cola next to me.

I used to be proud that I worked all night. I used to tell everybody that I usually worked 14-16 hours every day and smile. I used to think that with working that many hours I was really efficient and in front of my competitors.

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July equals time to unplug and spending quality time with my loved ones. Last year I bought a dumb phone for my summer vacation. It can only receive texts and calls – and doesn’t even have a color screen. The battery lasts around 11(!) days. It’s perfect when you need to recharge and reflect.

I will be back online at the beginning of August. I hope you all use your summer to focus on what’s important – relationships and experiences.

All the best,



The 20-year-old-CEO

I’m so fortunate that a part of my job is traveling around, meeting interesting people, and talking at conferences all over Europe.

One of my favorite things is spending some extra time and energy on really getting to know some of the people I meet every time. During my recent trip to the Netherlands (or Holland if you prefer) I met a lot of cool people. Like Dennis and Peter – but this blogpost is about Alex Houg. The 20-year-old-CEO. Continue reading →


DNB just made a book for startups – and it’s free (genius content marketing!)

The Norwegian bank DNB is well-known in the local marketing industry as on of the best in their class. Today they’re launching another excellent example on how content marketing can be great for your brand.

Just like John Deere did in 1985 with the worlds first customer magazine. DNB are creating content to help their audience with something – without asking for something in return.

DNB’s target group? Everyone with the dream of starting their own company and working for themselves. In my opinion on of the biggest growing markets out there.

And they’re not building everything around digital (alltho it’s a big part of it of course), they’ve chosen a really old school approach. They made a book, a physical book! And they are giving it away for free!

Of course it’s not the book itself that is the genius move here, all tho I love that they made a book. But they now have a mission. They are taking people on a journey. Helping everyone achieve their startup dream.

Missions needs stories, stories needs content. And DNB got it all. Well played.

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Leadership is a choice, it is not a rank.

What makes a great leader? Management theorist Simon Sinek suggests, it’s someone who makes their employees feel secure, who draws staffers into a circle of trust. But creating trust and safety — especially in an uneven economy — means taking on big responsibility. I could not agree more.

I highly recommend to take the time to watch this, and share it with all the leaders you know.

Seth Godin told me how to be a better marketer

I had the pleasure of meeting one of my long time heroes and role models within marketing at Gulltaggen last week. Seth Godin had just delivered an inspiring presentation to about 1500 people, after he went of stage I went backstage to talk to him.

He was a really nice guy and even let me interview him. In the interview we talk about his thoughts on what marketers should and should NOT focus on, a little bit about how he works and how he thinks that technology sometimes comes in the way.

He also completely throws me off guard with his first answer to my question. Fun!

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Kjære Rafiq

Det er vondt å tenke på at du ikke kommer til å lese disse ordene. Jeg skulle ønske du hadde mulighet til å se hvor mye du betydde for meg, og lese alle de fine ordene folk har skrevet om deg i dag. Du var unik Rafiq, på alle måter.

Vårt vennskap begynte nesten som i en dårlig amerikansk film. Vi drev to konkurrerende selskap, som begge jobbet med å vise Norge alle mulighetene blogging og sosiale medier ga dem. At det ga alle en stemme, muligheten til å bli hørt. Så vi begynte som “erkefiender”. Det var deg mot meg. Bloggere heiet på oss fra hver sin side. Uten at vi engang hadde møtt hverandre, dannet det seg et spesielt bånd mellom oss.

Det var først når jeg møtte deg, at jeg innså hvor like vi var, og hvor mye vi brant for det vi jobbet med. Båndet ble bare sterkere. Jeg så en styrke og et pågangsmot som inspirerte. Jeg var så heldig at vi raskt gikk fra konkurrenter til venner, og hadde muligheten til å jobbe side om side over flere år. Jeg har aldri møtt en fyr som deg. Det er så trist at du nå er borte.

Jo nærmere vi kom hverandre, jo mer så jeg hvor god du var. Hvor stort hjerte du hadde. Hvor rettferdig og ærlig du var. Du var rett frem, du var ingen andre enn deg selv. Du stod på, du hadde en drøm – og du ofret alt for å nå den. Det beundret jeg ved deg.

Jeg savner allerede stemmen din, ærligheten din og energien du bragte med deg overalt.

Takket være deg og Per har hundre tusenvis av unge mennesker fått en stemme, de har utrykket seg og funnet likesinnede. Dere har skrevet historie. Jeg er stolt av dere.

Jeg er oppriktig glad i deg Rafiq, og det knuste meg når jeg leste at du hadde sovnet stille inn. Jeg håper du fant roen til slutt, og innså hvor mange mennesker som var glad i deg, og heiet på deg.

Fordi det fortjente du. Jeg er stolt av alt du oppnådde, og jeg er takknemlig for alt du lærte meg. Takket være deg er jeg et sterkere og bedre menneske. Selv når du er borte føler jeg et sterkt bånd til deg. Takk for at DU var akkurat deg Rafiq. Glad i deg.