Thomas Moen / Chief Marketing Officer @ United Influencers

Connecting to people is easy

Connecting to people is becoming easier and easier. I can reach out to most people in any given city with any given interest via Facebook ads for a few bucks within 30 minutes. I can make sure the right people watch my YouTube video by paying it to be a pre-roll or a recommended video. […]

Read Post / June 8, 2016

More about the story then the telling

It fascinates me how focused most people are about what platform they should be using.  Is Facebook the right place to put it? Maybe my blog, or I heard snapchat is really growing.  At the end it does not really matter what platform you use. Or if it’s text, video or sound.  What matters is […]

Read Post / June 7, 2016

Thoughts from an old record store

I was between meetings in New York last week when I walked past an old record store. It got me thinking of “old content” and how to recycle content that is somehow timeless.  

Read Post / June 5, 2016

Youtubers are the new artists

In Norway there’s a tradition of big artists releasing their new album and then touring the country, going from shopping mall to shopping mall. Big lines pile up with screaming kids and parents waiting to be entertained. Security would have to escort the artists backstage, on to the stage and keep the crowd under control […]

Read Post / May 19, 2016

I get it

I attend to many meetings these days, I’m trying to prioritize as much as possible – but still too many meetings to have time to work and think. In these meetings interesting people from different places in life often share ideas, or try to inspire us to work with them. Last Tuesday I had 13 […]

Read Post / May 7, 2016

Stupid hashtags

When the Twitter community started using hashtags in 2007, it was to enhance the experience of the service. Using a tag to track a conversation or a topic across the whole platform made it a lot easier to follow – and to be heard. Instagram was introduced 3 years later and used hashtags as well. The […]

Read Post / May 6, 2016

Create content that people trust

I had a conversation with a friend today. We discussed traffic and content. We remembered that last year a lot of marketers started to talk about traffic as a commodity.  Everyone can generate traffic these days, it’s like fuel.. How far do you want to go? The funny thing is how fast everything is moving. […]

Read Post / March 28, 2016

You bought friends, but now you’ll lose

I’ve been surprised over how many influencers and brands I’ve met over the years who actually spent money on buying likes and followers. I was so naive that I thought nobody would do such a thing, but how wrong I was! It’s a billion dollar industry. Crazy. And the fake likes and followers have been hard […]

Read Post / March 28, 2016

Tell the world you’re on SnapChat

I’m so exited about SnapChat these days. I see all our influencers starting to really “get” how they want to create content there for their audience. A lot of our bloggers are starting to get bigger and bigger audiences and more engagement there then through their blogs – very interesting. One thing that people and […]

Read Post / February 28, 2016

Facebook is a shopping mall. Periscope is a flagship store.

Early in 2007 the live stream services became so good that most people could easily share events via live video and let the audience comment in realtime. I was really excited back then to see how the influencers and brands would embrace this, but it turned out that I had to wait 9 years. Now, […]

Read Post / February 27, 2016