Thomas Moen / Chief Marketing Officer @ United Influencers

Sales people and marketing people the same thing?

A lot of marketers will not admit that what they are doing is when you break it down – just sales. A marketers job is to make the sales process easier, more effective – better. It’s not to create brand awareness just so more people know you. This does simply not matter if the people […]

Read Post / September 22, 2016

The power of keeping your audience warm

Two times a year I launch my blogging course (in Norwegian), where I’ve already helped hundreds of people succeed with their blogging. But at my last launch I changed something, and learned something in the process. It also happened to give me 10x the results I usually get when I put my course available to buy. […]

Read Post / September 8, 2016

The videos with no sound

Something big is happening with online video. Not only are we consuming it more and more (Mark Zuckerberg says 80% of our Facebook feed will be video by next year), but we are consuming it in different ways than we used to. Often it’s vertically – and more often the not, without sound. Remember that your […]

Read Post / July 19, 2016

Building your Habit List

One of the things I’ve focused more and more on the last years is my habits. Changing old ones, and building new. Your life is based on what you spend time and focus on, so optimizing the way I live, work and think helps me feel more fulfilled and motivated. I try not to focus […]

Read Post / June 28, 2016

A young football player

In football you want to recruit the youngest talent possible. Before they had the time to get experience, you would train then and coach them. You would use their age to both parties advantage and you would do your absolute best to make sure the young talent got their chance to so the world what […]

Read Post / June 16, 2016

Facebook Instant Articles on blogs

United Influencers have been rolling out Facebook Instant articles the last three weeks to our influencers blogs. It’s still in a early testing phase but so far we are seeing a better organic reach and higher click throug rate (CTR).  The way we consume the web is changing at its important that we as a […]

Read Post / June 13, 2016

You don’t own what you rent

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about renting stuff vs owning stuff. Both in real life, and in the world of marketing. It turns out, that it’s not that big of a difference. When you rent an appartement, you quickly forget that it’s not yours. You start to settle in, decorating and setting […]

Read Post / June 12, 2016

Audience vs Community

The last years I’ve been talking a lot about building an audience instead of generating traffic. It’s a big difference, and it’s important to understand that difference. Traffic is just passing by, an audience choose to consume your content. They are waiting to learn, be entertained and be inspired. The ultimate goal tho, is not […]

Read Post / June 12, 2016

What’s a brand?

There is a distinct difference between a logo and a brand. Everyone can create a logo, but not everyone are able to create a brand. A logo can be made by the best designers in the world, or by a total newbie in paint. A brand on the other hand, have to be earned. The […]

Read Post / June 10, 2016

Bring something to the campfire

Nobody likes you if you only talk about yourself. Nobody likes you if you take more then you give.  The same goes for building a relationship with your audience online.  You have to bring something to the conversation, and you need to focus on giving more value to your audience then you expect from them. 

Read Post / June 9, 2016