Read this book: The Year Without Pants

This summer I finally got to read some books and this was one of my favorites. The Year Without Pants is a book about one man’s peek into the WordPress.com community. How they work, how they think and what their culture is like. It’s also about some interesting thoughts about the future of work. Continue reading →


More sleep, and fewer hours at the office

I used to be that guy who sat up all night coding, reading and socializing on the web. I was that kind of guy who could wake up with my nose stuck flat on my keyboard with a slice of pizza and a can of Cola next to me.

I used to be proud that I worked all night. I used to tell everybody that I usually worked 14-16 hours every day and smile. I used to think that with working that many hours I was really efficient and in front of my competitors.

Oh how wrong I was. Continue reading →

Screenshot 2014-06-27 23.41.48


July equals time to unplug and spending quality time with my loved ones. Last year I bought a dumb phone for my summer vacation. It can only receive texts and calls – and doesn’t even have a color screen. The battery lasts around 11(!) days. It’s perfect when you need to recharge and reflect.

I will be back online at the beginning of August. I hope you all use your summer to focus on what’s important – relationships and experiences.

All the best,